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            OUR CORE VALUES 

The following core values provide the inspiration behind our business operation and form the basis for our service.

We actively communicate these core values which set the standard for our daily functioning.


Special Forces Security is trustworthy, service- oriented, committed, flexible and keeps agreements. The client is central at all times.Our relationships with clients is based on trust and close and transparent relationship.


Special Forces Security is committed to it employees and strive to provide job satisfaction. We treat our employees transparently and with respect and offer good terms of employment.

We provide training to promote their personal  development, thanks to our open culture employees can provide feedback on each others behavior. Criticism may be given but must also be accepted.


Integrity is the core of our service and is fixed in our policy. Special Forces Security is straightforward (OPEN COMMUNICATION) sincere, and honest. Our clients trust us and assume that we will treat their property, employees and clients with care and respect. We don't want to damage that trust.


Above all  Special Forces Security is reliable, professional, flexible and proactive. We are also independent company with strong morals and principles.


We are professionals with a passion for quality with the knowledge and expertise. We  can offer our clients the best possible solutions. Our joint goal is to win as a team and for both of us to do well.

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